Our solution

An ever learning AI precision medicine system to support diagnosis, treatment selection and follow up of mental health patients through automatic analysis of speech and more.

get the patient closer

Lab by Sigmind

A time saving tool for psychiatrists, presenting a dynamic visualization of disorder course, including speech features, symptoms, life events and compliance. A powerful AI technology to assist diagnosis, predict treatment response, and identify acute events between visits.

Precision for patient selection

Pharma Clinical Trial by Sigmind

A cost-effective scientifically proven companion diagnosis resource to precisely select potential responsive patients, reducing the total number of patients needed in a clinical trial and increasing it’s probability of success.


Speech recognition system

Automatic analysis of patients speech between visits, with online report to Doctors.

Language validated features

Quantification of speech coherence and emotionality, plus specific topic assessment.

Assisted diagnosis

Speech pattern identification to guide the non specialist Doctor with diagnostic impression.

Treatment response prediction

Estimation of the patient’s probability of responding to specific therapeutic interventions.

Share with collegues

Collaborative participation in clinical records among therapeutic team members.

Course monitoring

Identification and notification of situations in which a sooner consultation is beneficial.